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Elite Aerials offer professional Freeview digital aerial installation right on your doorstep. We hope the information on this page answers some of your questions about installing a new digital aerial. If you do have any further questions please give us a call.

Can I watch Freeview using a portable set-top aerial?

Only a few homes may be able to use a set top aerial. However, for a much better reception, we strongly recommend you use a digital rooftop aerial.

Will i need a new aerial?

If your aerial has been in use for a number of years and your picture is not that clear then we highly recommend replacing the aerial. In some parts of the country Freeview signals use a different frequency or transmitter to the one you normally use for your analogue reception, so you ideally need a new Digital Freeview aerial to ensure good reception.

What type of aerial do I need?

If you are installing a new aerial, we recommend a digital wideband rooftop aerial. Loft aerials generally receive a weaker digital signal and are more likely to get interference from other electrical equipment in the home.

Is the picture quality better with Freeview?

The quality of Freeview picture quality is dependent on the reception of the rooftop aerial that the digital receiver is attached to. You should have an improved picture in areas where there is poor quality analogue reception. In some areas of the country you will receive significantly improved channel five reception. You will also be able to receive widescreen broadcasts.

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